Real Help Doncaster About Us

Real Help Doncaster is a new partnership scheme that helps people off the street and into a healthier and safer lifestyle. The scheme is encouraging people to change the way they give and not give on the street.

Real Help Doncaster is a new partnership scheme that combines a public awareness campaign not to give money to people who beg and to raise funds to support people in Doncaster who are experiencing homelessness and to help them move away from the street to live a healthier and safer lifestyle.

Street giving doesn’t help people long-term. Even if the person receiving the money has a real need, the benefit is short-term whereas all donations to Real Help Doncaster will make a difference.

Real Help Doncaster is a multi-agency scheme, involving charities, voluntary and public sector organisations, to provide long-term solutions to homelessness. The scheme pays for practical items to help people off the street. Local charities and organisations will work directly with individuals to apply for funds.

It is part of an action plan agreed by partners to address issues of concern in the town centre in particular rough sleeping.

Real Help Doncaster works in partnership with the following organisations - Doncaster Business Forum, South Yorkshire Police, Doncaster Council, St Leger Homes, Aspire, Doncaster Mind, Riverside, Hall Gate United Reformed Church.

The Real Help Doncaster fund is administered by Changing Lives who are a national, registered charity, which provides specialist support for thousands of vulnerable people and their families. They are already working in Doncaster supporting people with complex needs to make meaningful and lasting improvements to their lives.

Changing Lives will work with the local action group of Real Help partners to oversee the scheme. To become a partner, see Get involved.