Real Help Doncaster How it works

Real help Doncaster is a scheme aimed at raising funds from businesses and the public to support people in Doncaster experiencing homelessness. It is a partnership between local agencies, housing providers, charities and voluntary groups.

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Where do your donations go?

For every £1 donated, 95p goes directly to helping someone looking for support, and not a penny on the scheme. This is because the Real Help partners have committed the time and energy of their teams to help support the scheme.


95% Goes to the individual via the personal application process


5% Goes to Just Giving for administering donations

How will my donation be distributed?

Real Help Doncaster is a local scheme to help homeless and vulnerable people off the streets and into a healthier and safer lifestyle. The funds donated and raised can be distributed in two ways.

There are two types of application - up to £100 and over £100.