Sarah’s Story

Sarah is a young mother who has tried extremely hard to get basic items need for her home but has been unable to buy everything. The Real Help Doncaster help Sarah to buy a fridge freezer to enable her to cook and store meals for her and her baby,

“Thanks to the Real Help Doncaster Fund I have been able to buy a new fridge freezer, an essential item for me and my baby. Having this will help us to eat healthy and help me to not waste any money so I can spend it on other important items for us both.”

Real Help Doncaster

Real Help Doncaster is a partnership of charities and organisations working to help people experiencing homelessness and rough sleeping. We want to make sure that your generosity can make a real difference to peoples lives. Our aim is to give people the best possible chance of moving away from the street and into a safer and healthier lifestyle.

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