Stephen’s Story

Stephen has just secured a Housing Association property after living in an overcrowded house with family during the Coronavirus lockdown. However, being a single parent on universal credit, Stephen is struggling to buy all the essential household items he needs for him and his young son. Stephen has also had security issues in previously tenancies which had led to him feeling unsafe.

“I am so grateful for the money I received from the Real Help Doncaster Fund. It has enabled me to buy my son his own bed and mattress, helping him to get a better sleep every night. The fund also help me to have privacy in my home by allowing me to buy curtains and blinds for our rooms. Thank you so much.

Real Help Doncaster

Real Help Doncaster is a partnership of charities and organisations working to help people experiencing homelessness and rough sleeping. We want to make sure that your generosity can make a real difference to peoples lives. Our aim is to give people the best possible chance of moving away from the street and into a safer and healthier lifestyle.

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